Publication date: 05.07.2022

The municipal administration presented a presentation about the events held over the years in the municipality of Madan on the occasion of the European Heritage Days to the students of the “Power of Knowledge” club / VII b class/ at the “Otets Paisii” Secondary School with the head Mariyana Buneva. A special greeting to those present was given by the soloist of the “Ivan Vazov-1999” Concert Hall, Semira Kermenova.

“Ivan Vazov-1958” Primary School in the village of Bukovo organized a drawing competition on the theme “The Beauty of Nature”, in which children from the “Spring” Primary School in the village of Bukova Polyana took part.

In the “Bratan Shukerov-1953” Primary School in the village of Verbina, an exhibition of Rhodope halishts was presented, and in the City Library “Anton Strashimirov” – an exhibition of models of ancient Rhodope houses, made by students of the “Otets Paisiy” Secondary School, Madan.

The creative workshop “Rhodopski vezani Terlitsi” in the “Mladost-2008” PN “Mladost-2008” in the village of Leshtak gave young people the opportunity to get acquainted with old local crafts, and the DIYers at the PN “N.Y. Vaptsarov-1997” in the village of Srednogortsi made souvenirs from natural materials.

The “Rodolyubets-1965” PN in the village of Borovina organizes a tourist hike “I want to know…” with a talk on environmental protection, familiarization with the diversity of the plant and animal world.

This year’s EDN theme is “Sustainable Heritage” and suggests thinking about the effect that people’s activities have on Europe’s natural and cultural heritage and how humanity should use traditional techniques to protect them.

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